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08 February 2012 @ 12:34 am
music smorgasbord  
Just transcribing my album posts from musicyardsale here for my future reference, feel free to ignore!

Faded Paper Figures

Faded Paper Figures is a little electropop band hailing from California. Actually, I don't know whether the use of the adjective "little" is appropriate or not, since I really have no idea how well known they are... but in any case, they have a breezy, light-hearted kind of sound that reminds me of lazy, hazy mornings on the beach, when the sun's there but not really there, muted over by an overlay of clouds and fog.

It's honestly great study music, to just play in the background while you're working. But if you take the time to listen carefully, all of their songs have amazing lyrics, with really creative and clever lines; one of my favorites is "These days the letter's like a freeze frame, all the old ways get cluttered in the bric brac bones of the day" from Small Talk.

Dynamo (2008)

01. North By North
02. B Film
03. Logos
04. Polaroid Solution
05. Future Self
06. Metropolis
07. I Fell Off My Name
08. Geneva's Gone
09. The Persuaded
10. Being There
11. Speeches
12. Red State

New Medium (2010)

01. Invent It All Again
02. Limelight
03. You Know What I Mean
04. Rewind
05. Small Talk
06. One More Crash
07. The Cold Wars
08. When the Book Ends
09. Kodachrome Earth
10. Changed
11. New Medium

Angus & Julia Stone

I only discovered Angus & Julia Stone last year or so, but they're a sibling duo from Newport, Australia who have been singing together since around 2006. They have the strangest combination of vocals, and most of the time, they alternate singing on tracks, but when they do sing together, their harmonies are chillingly beautiful.

Their lyrics and melodies are, for the most part, extremely understated and simple, giving all of their songs a sweet acoustic softness. The entire album is so delightfully soothing and serene; it's what I listen to at 2 AM in the morning when I'm stressed out and struggling to finish my psets because their songs have a wonderful calming effect and an overall feeling of reassurance that everything is eventually going to be okay.

Down the Way (2010)

01. Hold On
02. Black Crow
03. For You
04. Big Jet Plane
05. Santa Monica Dream
06. Yellow Brick Road
07. And the Boys
08. On The Road
09. Walk It Off
10. Hush
11. Draw Your Swords
12. I'm Not Yours
13. The Devil's Tears

Tyrone Wells

Why Tyrone Wells isn't as famous as other singer-songwriters like Jason Mraz or Matt Nathanson is a complete mystery to me. He's basically the epitome of one of my favorite genres of music: simple acoustic guitars and lovely vocals and melodies combined with beautiful, thoughtful lyrics.

There are middle-school-slow-dance-worthy songs (Howie Day and Lifehouse, anyone? Or was that specific only to my middle school experience?) like Give Me One Reason And then there are songs like Happy As the Sun and Running Around In My Dreams that end up stuck in your head for hours on end and never fail to make me smile and to brighten up my day.

So I hope this album manages to brighten yours a little as well!

Metal & Wood (2010)

01. Running Around In My Dreams
02. Metal & Wood
03. And the Birds Sing
04. All I'm Thinking Of
05. Happy As the Sun
06. Give Me One Reason (feat Jason Reeves)
07. Let Go
08. Time Of Our Lives
09. Use Somebody
10. Pull Me Through

Noah and the Whale

I first heard a Noah and the Whale song playing in the background of a Skins episode, and as I scrawled down the lyrics so I could Google the song later, this is what I wrote down: "Well it takes real guts to be alone, going head to head with the great unknown..."

And I think that just about sums up this album. It's a wonderfully quirky little album about just how great life can be. All the songs are so light-hearted and breezy, and the simple optimism in them kind of sinks into your skin and leaves you feeling refreshed and ready to take on a new day.

In L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N., he sings, "On my last night on Earth, I won't look to the sky, just breathe in the air, and blink in the light." It's not exactly an enlightening statement, but I think it lends a genuine sincerity to their songs. And sometimes we just need to be reminded of these things. What will happen will happen. You just have to keep on going forward, taking in the good with the bad and moving on.

Last Night On Earth (2011)

01. Life is Life
02. Tonight's the Kind of Night
03. L.I.F.E.G.O.E.S.O.N.
04. Wild Thing
05. Give It All Back
06. Just Me Before We Met
07. Paradise Stars
08. Waiting For My Chance to Come
09. The Line
10. Old Joy

Florrie is an English drummer, singer, and songwriter. And as boring as that sentence is, I assure you, she and her music are not! She started her own solo career recently in 2010 and has proceeded to remain an independent artist in order to maintain complete creative control and build her own loyal fanbase. Florrie actually gives much of her music away to fans free of charge at her website, including her first EP Introduction and various remixes of her songs (I've included both EP's here, but hey, free downloads, go check 'em out!).

What I love about Florrie is her airy synth-pop sound. It's a little quirky, insanely catchy, but in an original, unformulaic kind of way; it's not the kind of dance pop music you would hear blasting on the radio, but there's something about it that just gets stuck in your head and forces you to play it over and over again. There's a techno/trance kind of feel to her music, layered over with light, dreamy vocals, that makes songs like "Experimenting With Rugs" and "Left Too Late" so utterly addictive.

Introduction EP (2010)

01. Call of the Wild
02. Give Me Your Love
03. Summer Nights
04. Left Too Late

Experiments EP (2011)

01. Speed of Light
02. Experimenting With Rugs
03. What You Doing This For?
04. I Took A Little Something
05. Begging Me
06. She Always Gets What She Wants
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un nom-de-plume pour leopold bloomdragon_gypsy on February 8th, 2012 07:15 pm (UTC)
I love Angus and Julia Stone! But these are all very good write-ups for artists I don't know so I'll have to check them out *A*